My cadence in a 4 mile race this weekend. When I first checked my cadence, a couple of years ago, it was not higher than 140...
Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It is the perfect way to describe Cadence and it's relation to Running Form.
Fix your Cadence and most of the issues you could have with your form will be adjusted. Not all, but most.

Cadence is your stride rate, and you should be doing anything over 180 steps per minute. 
Just as a test, go run for 10 seconds, count steps from both feet and multiple x 6.
You can also download a freemetronome app, set it up to 180 (or 90 if one foot at a time is easier) and compare to what you're doing.

Adjusting your cadence to 180 (or over) will shorten your stride length, help you land closer to your center of gravity, avoid the over-striding and heel-striking, etc. Cadence might just be the only one little-quick-fix-all.


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